Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Music Love: Animal Games

    So lately a lot has gone on! I have gone from brunette, to red head and back to a darker brunette. On top of that I have had the wonderful opportunity to work as a Direct Support Professional for Adults with developmental disabilities. I just love that line of work. It isn't for everyone but I just adore it. This past weekend I have been sick, I have a weird allergy to dust mites. Luckily I have been feeling today so tomorrow I can go in! I am so happy to say that I sincerely miss my job when I am not there. Any ways, enough about my job... 

    Animal Games is an up and coming band from Los Angeles. They have a hip New Wave vibe that just makes me want to groove the night way. If you get the chance you should listen to them! 


  1. I love that you work with adults with disabilities. My husband is trying desperately to get into high school special ed teaching....he has such a heart for it too. Good to see more of y'all out there :)