Thursday, June 7, 2012

D.I.Y. Charming Little Board

Hey lovelies! I haven't posted in a while. I have been so busy with finding a new job... but with all that work I am happy to announce that I have a job as a Care Provider for the elderly. It fits perfectly with my schedule! Hopefully it all works out.  

So... Last week I had posted how to keep your necklaces from fading and turning colors. I included that I was going to share a D.I.Y. charm board and now I present to you just that!  

Recently I came across the idea of a charm board. It makes it easy to collect all my charms in one place and it add a different element to my jewelry corner. Hopefully this will be handy to you gals! (plus it is super easy to make!)   
What you need:

•  A Picture Frame (of whatever size you wish)
•  Crafting Felt
•  Fabric of your choice (I used some vintage fabric my great aunt handed down to me, I just love it!)
•  Cardboard  (not pictured) 
•  Sewing Pins  (not pictured)  

First you need to take the frame apart and cut the cardboard and felt to the size of the
frame. Then stack the fabric, felt and cardboard as pictured. 

You can stitch the edges in place or just go the lazy way and pin them, like I did! After you secured all corners, put it all back in the frame. I just saved the glass and I will probably use it for another project, eventually.    

I used sewing pins to hold the charms in place and then... Voila! You have your own charm board! Display it as you wish!


xoxo Flore


  1. This is such an easy and actually doable DIY! Thanks for sharing, Flore! Congrats on your job, too!!! Yay!

    P.s. I think we have the same heartshaped sunnies. From UO? :)

    1. You are very welcome lovely! and thanks to you as well <3
      I actually got these at Charlotte Rouse! I love them but I never wear them out.. it is a shame

  2. This is too cute, I may just have to make one! I love the floral material you chose too x

    1. Thank you <3 it is from my great aunt in Argentina!

  3. Hey! We're following one another on instagram (danirenosidda) and I decided to make my way over to your blog, since I'm a blogger as well. :)

    I absolutely love this diy board, so pretty!

    *I'm following your blog now, and I look forward to reading even more of your posts.

    1. Thank you for stopping by darling <3 I appreciate it!

      And I love you feed on insta so I am more then sure I will love your blog! I will check it out right now ;)