Tuesday, June 5, 2012

From Paris, With Love, 35mm Edition

Film has become sort of a thing now. Well, more specifically collecting film cameras. I think with me it all started when I was young. I love disposable cameras and instant cameras. When I was in high school I started collecting cameras and developing my own film. I loved it so much I still do it. It really makes you feel like you are in control of everything. My collection consist of four 35mm, a Polaroid and brownie. I mainly shoot with my Canon AE-1. It is my baby, I call her Michelle. She has been to Paris, London, Argentina and anywhere else I go. Every so often I will share pictures that I took. This week I am sharing pictures from Paris. Paris is just beautiful and breathtaking. I just was able to take only a few with my film camera. I was running everywhere trying to take everything in. These are my top three, Enjoy! 

A typical lunch of fresh bread, brie cheese and cold beer at the flea markets.

Beautiful chandeliers where a common sight. This one is from the Palace of Versailles.

Building with so much character and story fill the streets.


xoxo Flore


  1. Pretty pictures! I want to visit Paris someday and take pretty pictures of my own.
    P.s. That top picture has me hungry, and I just ate! :)

    1. hehe thank you darling <3 you should visit, you and your husband will have a blast exploring everything!

  2. The first photo is my favorite! Makes me wish I was there this minute. Magical!